The book

“Very few writers create a world of their own. John Cowper Powys was one of this select company, and the world he fashioned is like nothing else in literature. Anyone who wants to explore this strange, magical and yet somehow earthily realistic alternative reality should begin by reading Powysland.”

John Gray, author of The Soul of the Marionette

I’ve often thought that for all the quality of the existing work and scholarship on John Cowper Powys, there was a missing link when it came to material that would draw in new generations of readers: the explorers of literature who have worked their way through the classics and 20th century novels, but haven’t been able to face him, scared off by the bulk of his novels and his cultish reputation. Where’s the way in for them?

Powysland is my attempt to introduce Powys as a thinker and inspiration to people looking for an alternative to a life dominated by a cycle of work and shopping. The book takes the form of a personal journey around the places that made him, explaining his highly individual character and worldview.

Powysland by Tim Blanchard was published by The Sundial Press in November 2018.