How to read Powys #1

I’ve not tried, but I’m guessing nothing by John Cowper Powys would work well as beach holiday reading. Returning home after a walk by a winter sea and anything most probably would.

I need to be in the right state of mind to fall into the Powys flow. It reminds me of lines from an old Chinese poem on ‘Proper moments for drinking tea’:

When one’s heart and hands are idle.

Before a bright window and a clean desk. 

On a day of light showers.

Shut up at one’s home on a holiday.

In a forest with tall bamboos.

When the day is clear and the breeze is mild.

Having lighted incense in a small studio.

In a painted boat near a small wooden bridge.

After a feast is over and the guests are gone.

And from the same poem, ‘Things and places to be kept away from’ (when drinking tea):

Damp rooms.


Hotheaded persons.

Quarrelling servants.

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